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Cabotine 5008050 in Cobalt Blue

Cabotine Style 5008050 in Cobalt blue with jacket
Cabotine Style 5008050 in Cobalt blue showing the dress detail

A knee length crepe dress with sweetheart neckline, buttoned lace back and lace ¾ length sleeves.  Matching jacket with ¾ length sleeves.
This mother of the bride outfit has the flexibility to be worn again at any function

Cabotine 5008050 Mother Of The Bride Outfit

Cobalt blue

Cabotine from GN Design Group

GN DESIGN GROUP started out as a family company and with time has
acquired international recognition based on its specialisation in design
and clothing distribution within the fashion sector.
At the beginning of the 1970s Francisco Nicolas and Dolores Arce founded a company that was dedicated to knitwear. This company was the first step in the creation of the great corporation that is today GN

At present, GN DESIGN GROUP enjoys national and international prestige and is present in the major world markets whilst still being every bit a reference in the sector.
Its vocation for quality and excellence is the best endorsement for its future. GN DESIGN GROUP continues considering new challenges and new projects always with the same resolution, that moved its foundation more than 35 years ago, to fully satisfy the consumer of today and tomorrow